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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Bhajji Cleared!!

One big thing going around these days in cricket involving Australia and India is the Racism row involving Harbhajan and Symonds.Finally a decision which was expected has arrived and we are delighted to hear that.All the matches except the Sydney test were played in the right spirit of the game and without counting that result the series would have turned towards India or a draw.Clearly they should have annulled that game where mistakes were from the umpires or from the players.Its gone.Now we expect a great fight of T20 and one day matches that really come down to the wire.Actually they say Indians have earned respect Down Under but a test series win would have thrown the Australian's on the mat.I hope they win the tri series.Bhajji has been cleared and asked to pay 50% of the match fee.But he will pay it for No mistake,If symonds also would have paid it would be justice.lets agree for it and Cheer team India and wish them luck for the matches to come.

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