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Friday, August 15, 2008

India Turns 62

The 62nd Independence Day has arrived for the so called independent India, I think majority of us are searching, where is the independent India?

What does independent India mean to all of us?

For me basically it means a Nation that has a common goal. For u? No?

With the great political system, terror trial, corruption and of course various crimes one really has to search for an independent India, the country is headed no where.

I don’t think an Indian needs to be told about the country’s state. Even today country is suffering from Poverty, corruption and many such evil things and we have chosen to live in between these because we have chosen the easiest things for us and to be frank we have no choice.

Some may even tell it is the same all over the world. If so then why are we called India? Why can’t we be called by any other country’s name?

Just like unique culture and patriotism each nation has, even we are unique in many things including bad things. Then why don’t we put the right step forward and say we are unique in making our nation a zero corruption nature.

Though there are a few things coming in the nation’s way there are evil obstructions just like the shameful day in the parliament where bundles of notes were put to display as if it was an achievement.

The recent blasts in the country show how badly prepared we are in crisis situations. The amaranth land has sparked of a series of controversies and things are certainly not going positively for India. Our so called leaders have no time to blame the opposition (I sometimes wonder what would they do).so what if they are not in power, is India not their country?

Every time elections happen, at least a few hope for a change in Nations state but every time the state of the nation is same except that we are changing for bad in one direction and good in the other direction which just nullifies the rate of change in the country’s state.

When there is a lot of confusion within the country how can we expect others not to criticize our country? Either stop the confusion or accept the criticism with pride. we have no choice left.

Let this Independence Day bring some change and let us help ourselves n changing the future face of India.

Let us extend our support towards:

1. Prevention of Global warming.

2. Maintain discipline (cleanliness in limits included).

3. War against terror.

4. Improving the nation’s state in terms of revenue.

5. Earn for yourself and for the nation.

6. remove caste barriers and improving relationships

7. Etc…… (The list seams endless)

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