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Friday, January 21, 2011

My money gone again!!!!

Until yesterday i had not realized that i had so much money that i can stack it up in Swiss Bank. Today when i see my bank balance in my Swiss Bank Account Number 463426 76548424267 it has exceeded $1500bn.(In case you did not realize the account number, please relate the same with Alphabets associated on your phone buttons). Instead of being proud of having so much money, i hang my head in shame when i see millions still in the country losing their lives for not having enough to eat. This money surely doesn't make it easy to buy Onions or Petrol, But it surely makes me feel sad to be a part of a Developing country when this money could have made the country grow. Imagine this money is 40% of Indian GDP. The PM just cannot act on the inflation or on the black money because he is being controlled by me. Me, because i am an Indian and its my account because i have my share. Oops, just like any other Gadaari(Sons marriage) or Khoja(Tring Tring) or malkolrappa(Land Scams or son of the soil), i have forgotten the account holders name!!!


shruthi said...

hey nice post :)

hindu blog said...

It's Attractive post. I liked it.