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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Anna Hazare's fight Against Corruption

An entire month of Cricket World cup Action and a Happy India immediately pans to this movement held in over 400 cities across the country. Anna Hazare, a Gandhian has started Sathyagraha with a Primary objective to root out corruption in the country. There was one more Sathyagraha that was done by Mr. Gandhi for Freedom, a Successful one indeed. But then, the one at the receiving end were the British. But today, we Indian's(Who claim to be Battle Hardened against movements) are at the receiving end. What do we do now? Nothing!! Nothing and Nothing!! Just get on with the world i.e. pay bribes, make merry, follow news related to corruption, blog about it, talk about it and then... Nothing. Middle class Indians have no time for Sathyagraha, the poor have to earn before they die of involuntary Sathyagraha and the rich have to earn money for their children. So who is supporting Anna Hazare? Film actors, Cricketers, Politicians(From the opposition obviously) and some NGO's. In a country with 1.2 billion people i would expect at least a million to stand up.

For a second, lets imagine that Lokpal Bill gets accepted, Anna hazare would stop fasting, people of india will start dreaming of a day when they don't have to see corruption and the LS and RS will sit on it and the Indian constitution has so many loop holes that they can push this for at least 50 more years. I don't wanna protest again at the age of 75.For now i am imagining world doesn't end, if it does, then we have found a permanent solution to corruption.!!!!! I have no reason to be optimistic.

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