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Friday, May 16, 2014


When the entire world markets and world politics are turning their heads eastwards, all roads seem to be looking at the road to Delhi in India. As i write this, the "EUPHOria about mODI" is Increasing and i am sure will die down in the next week or so. So will the Hype about making India a better place to live. There is a reason for the pessimism in the thoughts of many people alike that this is a chance for Modi to make way for a "Progressive" India. In a day, internal fights will start and Internal wars will break out for portfolio's. Modi will start execution of the UPA plans and making policies for NDA. Th challenge is to Execute UPA plans, Make NDA plans, Stay put for 5 years and then getting re-elected and then executing the plans made in the first term which is when it will be considered a MODI achievement.

The pressure from RSS will start mounting over Ayodhya. Not long from now, the same people who said UPA was controlled by a certain Mrs. Gandhi, will start saying Modi is being controlled by others in the BJP. The hopes will be continuous and with that expectation pressure to perform and the inevitable number games will catch up with the Government.

All i wish and the people from India wish is a stable government, a performing government and a relatively "LESSER" corrupt government at the center. Its not a lesser achievement that people like BSY, BSR came back, not less that TMC votes are divided, not less that JDU is routed, not less that AIADMK said "Hi Friend". It is all about the Change that people wanted.

Decimations on, Har Har Modi, Ghar Ghar Modi  and Abki Bar, Modi Sarkar slogans have risen to  live!

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Alka Mysore said...

I thank you for this pragmatic account of the state of affairs in India. It saddens me to see the kind of dogma that is being displayed over Modi's win, for people have a one track mind.