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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Peshawar Carnage

When you know you are helpless in this kind of situation, you only get to do - what you are best you think you are at, and do it. The media and world leaders are all buzzing as i write this with "Our heart goes out to the kids who were shot at in Peshawar today". I choose to do the same. We are so helpless and i do not mean it with any cynicism, it is the fact that everyone is helpless. A line has been crossed by attacking the children today. It is unwarranted and there is no excuse and by no radical theory this is acceptable.

This has more than Caste, Nation and Politics to it. Every human has to stand against this dastardly act of heinous nature. Be it Pakistan, India or Australia, this has to be condemned. A parent said i had 2 kids, i would have given one to the army but now i have none. Is this the real act of revenge that people who claim responsibility think? Attacking children between 10 and 18? Is this brave? Is this show of Strength? Isn't this cowardly and shameful? Is this the way people fight for rights?

When people who classify terrorism based on caste and isolate this to Islam, aren't the kids who were killed today Muslims?
When people who classify terrorism based on country and isolate this to Pakistan, aren't the kids who were killed today Pakistanis?
When people who classify terrorism based on sex and isolate this to killing of men, aren't girls killed today?

There is a need for every person to think beyond caste, think beyond sex and think beyond borders to solve this problem.  With every person, every family and with every family, every state and with every state, every government and hence an entire country and similarly many countries and strength to control increases. At least then there is a number, the number of people that puts in fear to these "Terrorists". This need is immediate and has no excuse. It is just a matter of time we move on with our life like it never impacted us but there has to be a starting point for the solution. According to me, that starting point is to cleanse our thoughts of separating people. 

Separating people is the fuel for these kind of attacks and inhuman thoughts. Allowing people to dance into our lives and killing one among us is our stupidity. Let us all stand united and fight by bringing change in the way we think. Let us stand together hold hands with ourselves and stay committed to fight our thoughts which will somewhere down the line lead to fight such acts.

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