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Thursday, December 9, 2010

2010 - A Year of Controversies

Phew!! What a year we have had!!!

Starting from J&K stone pelting to Kerala IPL team, Land scams and Horse trading in Karnataka to Vedanta in Orrisa, From Raja's to Adarsh's, From Lalit Modi to Assange, From IPL and CWG to FIFA bid everything seems to be wrong. Each and every state in India is suffering scams today. TN land scams, Andhra's political retaliation, Bengal's election mood, Terror and Naxal rise in the east, UP's Varanasi Blast, HP's glacier gate, Delhi's CWG, Gujarats Riot judgement, Ayodhya Verdict, Goa's Rane.India surely is in no mood to forgive the people responsible for this.

The silver lining being Economic revival, Modi's Gujarat, Nitesh's Bihar,Obama's visit, Sarkozy's visit and of course India's sportsmen were the only source of light in a rather dark environment this year

We still have 20 days more remaining to see what will be china's reaction for India's Nobel price ceremony visit, Wen Jiabao's visit, Cases, Judgements, Parliaments log jam, Yedyurappa's gods and dogs!!!

I wish 2010 never existed.


shruthi said...

Aha! :) Good to see you blogging..
Do it more often man

Sudhanva said...

Sure!! Was not so regular!! but was there some days at least :)