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Friday, December 10, 2010

POSCO Project - (Dis)Investment ?

A Village under Seige. A group of security men guard a security post which scrutinizes visitors using a bamboo and stone entry control in the coastal village of Dhinkia. This is the state of just one of the 6 villages that will be displaced due to the direct foreign investment by the South Korean steel giant POSCO. No doubt that the 12 billion dollar investment will be a part of exclusive growth in India but it brings with it a burden of Environmental issues which includes disturbance of ecology and people in the area. A fertile land getting converted to a company concrete land? There are lot of infertile lands in the country for POSCO, but the conditions for building a PORT in this coastal village makes Dhinkia and surrounding villages more vulnerable. Advantage for POSCO here is in spite of environmental issues, Orissa backs the project. The Government should take this 4800 acre land problem with Korea and sort this out in the interest of the people of India and Environment(indirectly both these add up to India more than the Growth).

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