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Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Vedanta Mining Project Row

Ever since India's independence, in the name of economy, revival, corruption or selfishness, infrastructure, developments,money; India's forests, rivers, gardens, parks are disappearing as we see. Forests which is the sole source of environmental revival are vanishing by the day thanks to extensive and exclusive growth of the economy in making India a DEVELOPED country.

First it was the turn of Indian vultures,sparrows,tigers and now it is the tribal people of Niyamgiri hills who are facing the heat. Vedanta a big name in corporate exclusive growth today tried to Inhabitate the land of Dongria Kondh Tribe in the eastern state of Orrisa. Thanks to the environment ministry, the project is now stayed. Corporates cash in so much using the terms "LEGALLY", "ON PAPER" but never understand simple terms like "Humanity", "Nature Balance" and "COMMON SENSE".

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