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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Karnataka's Fate

Surprisingly we fight for giving votes and its how these people play around with it.
It's a shame on any party's part to fight in public.Just because some one has a 20 lakh watch, it is highlighted and the Improvement done in Karnataka which was definitely significant was never shown.
One wants a days party to fool around with peoples congress tomorrow BJP and day after back to where he started and the result ,no development in the state.

Just because they have thousand parties where they are having fun in changing parties after winning elections from the old party.People sometimes vote for the individuals and some times for the party.Taking advantage of the weak is a Habit.

The election speech they give is just "Verbal diarrhoea".Promises are made to break and these people themselves don keep promises.

ha ha..Is this wats called Democracy and Goverment?

wake up and vote for the just ,don just vote!

You know "they" refers to whom right?

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