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Friday, December 28, 2007

Now Bhutto!!!!

They have done it at last.The daughter of the East is no more.The courageous Benazir Bhutto is not the next Prime Minister of Pakistan.I knew its not a good time for good leaders.A great leader has been Martyred at last.Indira Gandhi,Rajiv Gandhi,Mahatma and list seems to be endless now.Her confidence,her dreams of leading Pakistan to be a democratic country is gone with her.Pakistan is heading towards a wrong direction for its worst.
Who is to be blamed? government,herself,opposition?no one actually!The system has to be blamed and quite rightly she deserved a great welcome in her country.
Such a great leader and she is no more.
I on behalf of the fellow Indians pray for her soul to rest in peace and wish many such leaders rule the world


Satya said...

Bhutto and the Pakistanis are paying dearly for not confronting the Jihadi threat earlier. They egged on for years when the Jihadi target was India/Kashmir. Now it is coming back to haunt them. Here is a historical perspective on Bhutto's deadly legacy:

It's great to see another family member blogging. Keep it up Sudhanva!

Sudhanva said...

Hi Satya,

Its true that this will remain as a tragedy for pakistan and they have already paid dearly.Who knows ?!the threat might not have purposfully taken in a serious manner(knowing the consequences)by the care taker government