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Friday, December 21, 2007

wat is this blog all about?

Current affairs as on today mainly constitutes seventy five percent of the talk going on between "AAM JANATA" in India.The Gujarat Elections,Taslima Nasreen controversy,Karnataka's Nataka,India's Tour of Australia ,Nandigram issue,Nuclear deal, Aamir Khan family drama and much more issues.Welcome to the World of Corruptions and Current Affairs where we can discuss similar problems and Unique ones as well and think what an Indian at this stage can do.

We may directly not influence the society but here's a place where we can vent out all our opinions good or bad about any country.

How does the lead India Factor come into existence in today's youth is the question?

So lets start our journey towards deciding who,what,where,how and when we budge to the corrupt practices.

and in first place,do we have to!!!!!!!


sunil said...

Hey Sudhanva.....
Its a great thing to start with.
A nice place to talk about our country, its current state in politics where the word corruption takes its birth, and also about the curent affairs.

Sudhanva said...

Hi sunil,

Corruption is a part of everything here and the Honest one's are either transferred or they just don exist here.Its like a phrase "one in a million",u can find them.

shru said...

hi sudhanva,
Its so true that ders little conviction left in our politicians.
But i was just wondering wat can be done with it other than cribbing over it.Any idea?

Sudhanva said...

Hi shruthi,

we can see who to vote and who not to..thats what we can do at this stage.I personally think the youth is better in ruling us and we saw a significant amount of improvement when it happened the last time