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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Its MODI all the way!

Personally i feel people of Gujarat atleast know Wat's good for them and Wat's bad for them.
No way did other party people come closer to win, it was one sided as expected.But why did Satta Bazaar turn the other way round one day before the results were out.Maybe it was fate that made people to lose money.Anyway ALLs well that ends well..# cheers to Modi one for each win.Keep going MODI.

Now after a comfortable victory against the stronger opposition congress and first time contenders BSP,Congress is now blaming BSP had an agreement with BJP.
Give us a break guys,it was a one sided victory.u guys never were in the competition,Its a tragedy that u guys are a part of coalition government running the whole country.Accept defeat and better luck next time.

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